About Frogparking Accounts

Frogparking operates pre-paid accounts for all registered members. Any parking charges you incur on the Frogparking mobile application are deducted from your pre-paid account.

You need to maintain a positive balance on your account. If your account has a negative balance you will not be able to pay for any parking charges until you credit your account.

Parking Payment

To pay for your parking space on the Smartphone app, simply log in then select 'Pay'. Follow the steps on screen to complete your payment, please ensure you check that the space/zone that you have typed in is showing correctly on the map, and enter the amount that you wish to pay.

Your expiry time is automatically calculated for you. You can view your expiry time and top up your parking payment on the main menu, once you have successfully started a session.

What is Pay per Minute?

When activated on your Smartphone app, 'Pay per Minute' means that you are only charged for the parking time you actually use. It selects the best parking rate for the space you wish to park in, and reserves this amount in your account.

When you stop 'Pay per Minute' (before the expiry time) you are only charged for the parking time you actually used - which is calculated by the time you were in that parking space (start and finish of your 'Pay per Minute' session). This is done by and pressing ‘Stop my parking session’ on the main menu.

Auto Login

Once successfully logged in, your username and password is stored and will auto log you in when you start up the app.

When you log out (using the 'Log Out' button found on the main menu) your password is cleared but your email address is still saved for next time.

Topping Up Your Account

Topping up your account is where you load money onto your Frogparking parking fund. You can do this in three ways, 1) by phoning the call centre (details of which are on the sign at your parking facility), 2) by selecting 'Top Up' on the 'My Account' section of your app and following the steps, or 3) by logging into www.frogparking.com with your username and password and clicking on 'Top Up'.

A minimum top up amount of $20 applies.

Check Availability

'Check Availability' shows you live parking availability at your desired destination.

In the app, select 'Check Availability', then pan the map to your desired destination and tap 'Search'.

Find My Car

'Find My Car' allows you to find your vehicle after you have parked it.

Your current location is the blue bubble, and the green bubble is where your vehicle is. Click on 'Directions' to get walking directions back to your vehicle.

Closing Your Frogparking Account

If you wish to close your Frogparking account we will refund the remaining balance, less a $25 administration fee.


There is no charge for using Frogparking. The parking charges are what you would pay when paying at the meter. There is a credit card transaction charge of 3% that applies when loading money onto your account. This is not a Frogparking charge, it simply covers bank credit card fees.

How Do I Know My Payment Has Been Made?

Once you have selected 'Start' a confirmation that your payment has been processed will be displayed on screen. This transaction can also be viewed at any time by selecting ‘My Account’ and then ‘History’.

How Do I Know When My Parking Expires?

You can view the time remaining in your parking session at any time on the main menu.

Topping Up Your Parking Time

You can top your parking time by selecting the ‘Extend my parking session’ on the main menu. Time restrictions still apply and it is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure they do not stay over the permitted time.

Paying for the Correct Space/Zone

It is important that you pay for the correct space/zone and you should always check that the space/zone you think you are paying for is the one displayed on the ‘check park’ screen. Parking rates, time limits and operating hours can vary based on location and our system knows those details based on the space/zone you select. Entering a wrong parking space/zone may result in you being charged incorrectly, or even receiving a ticket for not paying at all.

Parking Rules

Parking rules and restrictions are set by the parking authority and using the Frogparking app does not change any of those rules and restrictions. You should only park when and where it is legal to do so according to applicable signs and local laws. Your parking transactions will continue until they reach the maximum time allowed in the space/zone you selected, unless you end them sooner.

Registering Vehicles To Your Account

There is no limit to the number of vehicles you have registered to your account. There is also no limit to the number of accounts a vehicle can be registered to. You can register all your family or work vehicles on numerous accounts.

Your Account

You can use your account on multiple devices, as long as they all have the Frogparking application installed.