frogparking continues to lead the way with game changing software and parking guidance systems

beautiful software that puts the power in your hands - accurate live data provides an insight into trends, customer behavior and car park performance. we are proven to deliver mind-blowing results by using your data to directly increase your revenue.

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outdoor guidance

frogparking's outdoor guidance system is the ultimate outdoor tool to improve the motorist's experience at your parking facility

indoor guidance

frogparking keeps you ahead of the game. empower your parking facility with frogparking's world first, patented lidar indoor guidance system

mobile app

out with the old and in with the new - all you need is your iPhone or android device to see live parking, navigate to, and pay for parking

variable message signage

keep your customers in the know. live occupancy helpfully displayed at entries, exits, and at the end of aisles to guide and disperse drivers


clean and simple to use, from hand-held devices through to the streamlined cloud-based software for managing tickets once they have been issued

dashboard & reporting suite

unlock a world of customer behavior trends about how visitors are interacting with your parking facility

permit management and permits

an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app that simplifies all aspects of issuing, enforcing, and managing permits

advertising, vouchers & loyalty

roll out the red carpet and spoil your VIP customers with premium parking & exclusive offers

dynamic pricing

make your parking asset smarter, and get on the highway to increasing overall utilization and yield

case study

auckland airport

auckland international airport handles 19 million passengers a year and serves thirty international airlines, making it australasia's third busiest international airport. with only four employees in the transport team, smart technology plays a big role in automating, providing insights and driving smart business decisions.

in 2015, frogparking installed an outdoor guidance solution at the international short term parking and drop off zone, to reduce congestion in the drop off aisle and enforce time limits in the short term parking area. frogparking also installed its indoor guidance solution at the domestic terminal, to guide motorists directly and efficiently to an available parking space and collect data from the carpark.

high reliability and accuracy

driving confidence in insights gained from data collected

increased efficiency

for motorists and terminal traffic flows

improved occupancy management and turnover

key contributor to revenue

premium dynamic pricing

data used to adjust pricing based on live occupancy

case study

irvine spectrum center, california

the irvine spectrum center is one of the largest outdoor retail shopping centers on the west coast of the united states of america. with over 15 million visitors per year and 1 million square feet of retail buildings, spread across 75 acres of land, a smart way of managing parking is required.

in 2014, frogparking installed its state of the art indoor & outdoor guidance solution with frogparking dynamic signage to convey parking availability to motorists to encourage visitors to move through the parking facility quickly and freely. using frogparking's cloud-based software, the irvine spectrum center were able to analyze occupancy and utilization data.

increased efficiency

significant reduction in parking lot cruising time

increased revenue per square foot of retail

discovered under-utilized parking areas and replaced these with 145,000 square feet of new retail space

efficient staff parking

staff directed to previously under-utilized parking zones

case study

palmerston north city

palmerston north is new zealand's eighth largest city, with a population of over 82,000 and a concentrated CBD with a vibrant shopping centre catering for over 60,000 vehicle trips every week. the CBD is fitted with Integrated technology solutions (global) parking meters set at varying time limits and, prior to implementation of frogparking technology, enforcement was being carried out manually by enforcement officers.

furthermore, without accurate data on its parking asset or customer behaviors, palmerston north city council was limited in its ability to make informed decisions to increase compliance and revenue.

frogparking, as the world-leading parking technology company based in palmerston north, saw the opportunity to work with the city council to create an intelligent and efficient 21st century urban parking system.

since the commissioning of the system in 2010, the city council has experienced dramatic increases in enforcement revenue as well as compliance, while using the invaluable data from the cloud-based system to support better planning and management of the CBD.